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New Theatre Performance For Energy Crisis

Written and Directed By: M. Shahid Rehman
In collaboration with Karawan-e-Pakistan and PSO (Pakistan State Oil) at PSO House Every Wednesday

Some memorable Plays/Workshops of DABISTAN-E-FUN
(The School of Arts)

*Aadah Teetar 1995 Khursheed Peerzada Khursheed Peerzada Independence Day IDAREW
*Ankeen Baand Hain 1996 Khursheed Peerzada Shahid Rehman Street Festival Arts Council
*Importance of being Ernist 1997 Khursheed Peerzada Khursheed Peerzada P.N.C.A
*Goonga Darpan 1998 Moin Quraishi Imran Sherwani Women's Day Arts Council
*Shamat-E-Aamal 1998 Asmat Cughgtai Shahid Rehman Summer Theater Festival
*Noori 1998 A. Rehman Shahid Rehman Joint Installation (Leo Club) P.A.C.C
*Teen Ratan 1999 Azeem Baig/ Ibne Inshah Shahid Rehman P.A.C.C/P.N.C.A
*Manto Nama 1999 Sadat Hasan Manto Shahid Rehman P.A.C.C
*Mime Work Shop 2000 Shahid Rehman Shahid Rehman P.A.C.C
*Aadah Teetar 2001 Khursheed Peerzada Shahid Rehman Karvan Khi
*Free Theater Workshop 2001 Shahid Rehman Summer Theater Workshop P.A.C.C
*New Park 2001 Khursheed Peerzada Shahid Rehman *Summer Theater Workshop P.A.C.C
*Fine / textile workshop 2001 Course was made Tasneem Shahid Summer Arts Workshop P.A.C.C
*Aadah Teetar 2001 Khursheed Peerzada Shahid Rehman Theater Festival Arts Council
*ROOH KA NATAK 2001 Sadat Hasan Manto Shahid Rehman KARVAN Theater Festival Arts Council
*Taleem-e-Afsaran" at Arts Council of Pakistan, Pakistan American Cultural Center, Karachi Gymkhana, National Sailing Center
*Urdu Ka Aakhari Drama at National Sailing Center
*Aadha Teeter at Park Towers.

Play A Comedy Play
Aadha Teeter
. at Park Towers, on 13th & 14th August 2004.

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