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Canada Chapter's Summer Theater Workshop 

2 months Theatre Workshop in Mississauga

Bollywood Style Acting Workshop

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KALAKAR Theatre and Creative Arts, A Project of Dabistan-e-Fun (School of Art), was started in the year 1995. DF’s branches spreads in many directions of Performing and Visual Arts, be it Theatre, Dance, Music, Fine Arts and other Audio Visual Productions, Dabistan-e-Fun will always be there to enhance the performance and performer.

A dedicated gentleman Mr. Shahid Rehman founded with the aims to be a part of collective effort to bring reform in the moral and cultural values of our society, bring awareness for education and international issues such as Aids, Child labour and Human Rights through the most dominated and world’s first communicative medium Theatre and to  present a pedestal for the youth, and theater lovers, and to hone their acting skills and make them work diligently towards Theater, Television and Film Acting. 

KALAKAR Theatre and Creative Arts Announces a Creative Workshop on Theatre Acting (Bollywood/Desi style) in Mississauga ON from June 2010

Workshops function on many levels and are open to anyone from the age of 10 to 100 years who wants to explore and develop their personal creative power in the art of acting, whether they have little experience or enthusiastic beginners.

After this workshop Student will give the Final Live Performances

Course Includes:

Creative observation, Muscle control, Physical flexibility,  Voice modulation, Flexibility at mind, tongue twisters, Subjective study, Character building, Body language, Self critic, Imagination, Concentration & Self Confidence, Monologue, Diction, Speech, Improvisation, Expression etc.

We combine the skills of seasoned professionals with the enthusiasm of new talent to bring theatre/TV to a wider audience.

For more info please contact us 647-808-8965

Email –

Website –

Thanks & Best Wishes

Shahid Rehman 


Summer Programs 2010

Your browser may not support display of this image. Visual Art for Kids (Age 3 to 15)

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About Children Art Programs:

  1. Art for Preschooler N Young Kids

Ages: 3 to 8

From June to July 2010

Time: Afternoon

Saturday & Sunday

Children will be able to exercise their creativity with our art and craft activities that focus on process over perfection. Students will create fun and exciting projects without the pressures of staying in the lines or using specific colors. Art, Craft, Poems and Games are a part of each class activity. Projects include; painting, sculpting, drawing and collage making.   

  1. Arts and Craft exploration for Kids N Teens

Ages: 9 to 15

From June to July 2010

Time: Afternoon

Saturday & Sunday


Designed for kids and teens, who want to take a dip into the different fields of art. This workshop covers a wide verity of Mix Media Art and emphasizes on creativity and techniques. Students will develop a meaningful connection with art and the ability to create “Out of the Box”. Through this workshop children learn cooperation, decision-making and socialization in a related atmosphere. Projects include acrylic painting, drawing, sketching, origami (Paper Art), and lots of creative activities.  


Our objective of this Program is to familiarize the student with the techniques of Visual arts concentrating on understanding and mastering skills associated with all basic knowledge.  


The Eight-week session with kids, they will rehearse and practice different assignments of basic Drawing, Painting and other creative works. The kids also help design and create different posters, Origami, Pottery and other introductory art experiences.  

Exhibition of Kids’ work 

At the end of the session an exhibition of all participating children’s work will be arranged for their friends and families.  

Certificate of Participation 

Every child will get the Certificate of Participation, duly signed by “……” and “Dabistan-e-Fun”. 

Our Fine and Visual Arts Workshops

You can registered yourself for the workshop by email

Fine Arts Workshop for Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan

Theatre Arts Workshop for Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan


Coming Soon:


15 Day Session

Location: Karachi

Age; No Limits

Fee: Rs. 3,000

Starting from June 23rd

Contect : 0300-211-2424


Six Week Session

Location : Karachi

Ages 6+

Fee : Rs. 5,000/- per child

Starting from June 6th

Contact now! 0300-211-2424